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When and where we meet

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So…What is Fun4Life all about?

Our aim is to help prevent young people and their families becoming unhealthy as a result of inactivity or poor food choices.

picThere is so much information out there on healthy eating and physical activity that it can be quite confusing for parents. Fun4Life wants to help you make sense of it all!

Throughout the Fun4Life programme, your family will be encouraged to practice new behaviours by setting weekly goals during the lifestyle section of the programme.


Parental involvement is really important to the success of Fun4Life, and helps to support your child during, and after the programme.



The Programme

Fun 4 Life is a 12 week education and physical activity programme. Although it is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 16, parents and guardians play a major role in supporting behaviour change by attending a parents lifestyle education session that is delivered as part of the programme.


The Benefits

Your child to be more active.

Your child a chance to try new things.

Your child to take charge of what they eat.

Your child’s confidence.



To see a wider range of the activities we offer click here, where you can download our timetable and get further information on the Health & Fitness team.