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Meet the Team

The Fun4Life programme is run by highly qualified team of experienced staff who specialise in delivering lifestyle and physical activity sessions to overweight and obese young people.

Learning is supported through the 3 characters below, that each help support young people to understand three common elements of our programme: Health, Physical Activity and Nutrition.



Kallie Ori

Hey there, I am Kallie Ori. I’m a nutritionist and i’m trained to advise young people (and adults) on how to improve overall health and wellbeing through healthy eating! With such a variety of foods out there – my job is to help you pick the right foods for the right reasons!


Doctor Phil Good
Doctor in the House

Hello, I am Doctor Phil Good. Fun4Life is a great way to help protect our bodies against harmful disease in later life. If we keep active and eat a healthy diet whilst we are young, we are less likely to pay a visit to the doctor as we get older! I can help you set realistic goals and targets about your health.

Attendees can link with us on facebook and twitter to continue to receive support, motivation and guidance when the programme finishes.



Chuck Ball
Sports Coach

Hi there, my name is Chuck Ball. I’m a sports coach and I love being active and doing as many things as possible! By staying fit and healthy, I can play many different sports and enjoy being active with my friends and family, and guess what – you can do it too!