Is your family ready to take the 12 steps to Health & Happiness?
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Is your family ready to take 12
steps to health and happiness?

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“Fun4Life is very beneficial. It gives the children the incentive to eat healthily and by using goals and monitoring it also gives them something to look forward to and makes them feel like they belong to a fun club”
Mum of Ben, Age 10

Our healthy lifestyle sessions support the national “Change 4 Life” campaign.

    Some of these include:

    • What makes up a portion of your 5-A-Day?
    • What should we be looking for on food labels and how do we identify a healthy option?
    • Looking at the hidden sugars in popular soft drinks.
    • Healthy ways to eat out at your favourite restaurant.
    • Looking at new ways to get active.

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Things people say about Fun4Life

Young People

At first when you came in you “gelled” straight away, it wasn’t like you had to wait and you were on your own…

It was like i’d been there already and knew everybody.

I feel that I have learnt more about what is better for you and I hope that I can try and use what we have leant. I have made some changes but still have a few treats now once in a while.

No its better! I just thought it was going to be …. You can’t do this and that – they said you are allowed certain things if you want them and they aren’t nagging you, they are just telling you what is a healthier option.

Parents / Guardians

With it coming from a different channel such as these sessions, she’s realised that it isn’t just mom and dad on her back and that it is important to her diet … It’s more me concentrate on myself as well as setting an example.

Her confidence increased. She still makes comments about her weight but they’re positive now whereas they weren’t before

We are really impressed with the programme and all of the staff involved. It has been a really good thing for my children and we are very grateful for the help and support offered……Thank you